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10-14-02 - I am finally back. I've been really busy lately so I haven't been attending to the comic. I've been making it into a feature length film, but I'm gonna continue to update the comic now as often as possible. Enjoy.

3-5-02 - Use the phorumz peeps. I be needin' the feedback. Also I be up wit the brand spankin' new ad up top for those of you wishin' for to link me up. Yeeeeaaah. Check out smack and paperbug, y'all be my real dogs.

2-26-02 - Yo, dis be da intermission while I be "resolving plot issues." I hope y'all enjoy some mindless slapstick. In terms of writing, I be all 'bout the Twinkie Defense.

1-14-02 - Sorry for the gap all y'all. I put up the comics but under the wrong year... They were hangin' around at the beginning of the archive but I've moved them to their rightful place.

12-25-01 - God bless us, everyone. Yeeeah baby.

10-18-01 - I feel dat dis be da good stuff. It's gettin' all deep and full of intrigue now, dig? Any-hoo keep the hits pumped up. Also, by reading this site you support the US's involvement in coolness.

10-13-01 - I be back and badder than ever. I felt it would be best to take a "hiatus" until people could laugh at my comic again without feelin' guilty. Please give feedback my brothas. In the forums and in da e-mail; I'll be watchin' y'all. Mad props to America!

9-11-01 - I've started a program to keep The Man in check. Just send me an e-mail sayin' why The Man should stop keepin' the P-Dog down, with his skool and his work. I'll post the best ones up here, and I'll be sure the man get's your message. In-n-Out's a burger, I'm just out.

9-05-01 - I'm starting to sign up for dropdowns, P-Dog be goin' legit. Fare thee well and give 'em hell.

9-04-01 - Another Vinnie strip for my peeps, I believe my phatest masta-piece yet.

8-31-01 - I 'pologize for the next couple strips I'm goin' out the door right now.

8-30-01 - I be chillin' up north this weekend, so I dunno if da weekend comics gonna be. I'll give it the stone-cold P-Dog effort you've come to expect but no garauntees peeps. Screw ya later fornicator.

8-29-01 - Yo P-Dog be back in skool payin' his debt to society so these comics be twice the bitches to make. Love them as yo would love your own shorty. They might be gettin' posted in the late night, but not after midnight (pacific standard time) so check it in the moon light, be more romantic. 1812-man is in the house but he's left the building.

8-26-01 - P-Dog is back. Sorry about the gap. It will probably happen again, so learn to live with the idea. Keenspace has been causin' me some mega-angst wit there server switchin' mind games, and the P-dog ain't down wit mind games. So to make it up to you fo' the crazy whack outages, I'll be puttin' out the sweet thang on weekends (you know what that means ladies, more hot sweet comics). Ciao down.

7-26-01 - The P-Dog is out on vacation, sorry folks. I realize I've been pretty po wit the strip posting so far... Just trust me, gonna be sweet like honey when I be back. Laterz.

7-12-01 - Yo I be wit the mad comic postin'. A jive-five strips a week and if I feel like it I'll hit you on the weekend too. Just ignore the fact that this site be trippin' and that the art is ass. Apreciate the finer things my homies. This site is now layer free (like a bird) so all my homies with non Micro$oft browsers can live in peace and harmony. W3RD. Pheel phree to send me e-mail, even if it just be "You suck man I'm gonna cut you." All 'bout the feedback. Mad props to feedback. The 1812-man will catch you on the flip-side.

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